Curated by Egidija Ciricaite and George Cullen from Collective Investigations, As part of the International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair, The Tetley, Leeds. 5th-6th March 2016  THE GUTTER is a curatorial experiment and an investigation into the contextual presence of book as an object and as art object, as well as an investigation into a curated event as a paradigmatic structure, with each element exposed to the appropriated context and resultant shifts within the referential range of it. The project will feature a curated table, which will include books from participants of

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  • Mick Welbourn: Blue Books

    Mick Welbourn: Blue Books

    Curated by Chris Taylor and Simon Lewandowski, Wild Pansy Press Project Space, School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, Old Mining Building, University of Leeds 4th February – 18th March 2016   Mick Welbourn often makes work about swimming pools. These swimming pool works are often blue. Much of his work that is not about swimming pools is also blue. People often mistakenly think this work is also about swimming pools. These blue books are not about swimming pools. The series of pictures that make up Blue Books

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  • David Barton: Instead of me

    David Barton: Instead of me

    Gallery 8, The Tetley, Leeds 22nd January – 6th March 2016 Accompanied by an essay by Chris Taylor (featured below)   In the early 1960s David Barton moved from the self-assured Lancashire mill-town of Bury to the melting pot of cosmopolitan London to study at Goldsmiths College School of Art. Here, he was to meet the renowned artist, educator and writer, Anton Ehrenzweig, author of The Hidden Order of Art: A Study in the Psychology of Artistic Imagination (1967), whose tutelage and influential study of the psychology of creativity would

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  • Christian Barnes: A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District

    Christian Barnes: A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District

    Gallery 3, The Tetley, Leeds 22nd January – 6th March 2016 Accompanied by an conversation between Jack Chesterman and Christian Barnes (featured below)   Jack Chesterman (JC) The fact that A Bathymetric Atlas of The English Lake District doesn’t carry any obvious signifiers connecting it to, say, an OS map or a book or a sculptural object is for me where it draws its force from. Do you think your previous roles as a curator have equipped you in a particular way to form views about cultural categorisation and perhaps

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  • Roger Palmer: Winter Garden

    Roger Palmer: Winter Garden

    Curated by Kerry Harker and Zoe Sawyer, Atrium Gallery, The Tetley, Leeds 22nd January – 6th March 2016   Accompanied by the essay ‘This is Not a Palm Tree’ [1] by Kerry Harker (featured below)   On the vast white wall of the Tetley’s atrium gallery, reaching upwards from the grey resin floor towards the glazed skylights high above, the artist Roger Palmer has created something approximating a palm tree; at least, the image of a palm tree, or a picture of a palm tree. It forms part of the

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  • More is Less is More: Artists’ Books as Collection/Accumulation

    More is Less is More: Artists’ Books as Collection/Accumulation

    Curated by John McDowall, Gallery 8, The Tetley, Leeds The exhibition presents a selection of artists’ books in which the work’s meaning comes from the volume of material accumulation (at times exhaustive and profuse) of pages and printed content, without itself necessarily having a consequential or narrative progression. Amongst the books exhibited are examples by Tacita Dean, Christian Bolstanski, Roni Horn, Fiona Banner and Mike Nelson. The display also includes instances of correlations and correspondences with literature and music, such as the writing of Craig Dworkin and Gertrude Stein and

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  • Lorem Ipsum

    Lorem Ipsum

    Curated by Louise Atkinson, Galleries 5 & 6, The Tetley, Leeds, 6th – 22nd March 2015 Produced from an Open Call for new and existing artworks relating to the histories of writing and text, artists and authors were invited to respond to the notion of writing as performance, the automation of the writing process, the history of manuscripts and print, digitalisation of texts, marginalia and eBooks. According to lipsum.com, ‘Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s when an unknown printer took a galley of type

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  • Re Object

    Re Object

    Initiated and curated by Sophie Loss, Gallery 4, The Tetley, Leeds The idea for this exhibition was to give each contributing artists the same initiating object as a starting point for a new piece of work. The curator sent identical oak wedges to 16 invited artists, in response to which they have made exciting and unexpected works. The show includes pieces in sound, books, film/projection, photography, drawing and performance. Participating artists ares Louise Atkinson, Marco Cali, Kathryn Faulkner, Judy Goldhill, Jane Grisewood, Ingrid Jensen, Lydia Julien, Sharon Kivland, Ron Lapid, Simon

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  • Old Things, New Order

    Old Things, New Order

    By Lenka Clayton, Curated by Chris Taylor, assisted and compiled by Breana Devaul and Zejun Yao A series of projects realised at a distance by third parties following specific rules and limitations: i. 26 Library Books ii. The Sea, The Sea, The Sea iii. Corrected Love Letters Corrections by Erin Anderson, Assistant Professor of English, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA; Amy Cutler, Post-doctoral Research Fellow in New Humanities, University of Leeds, England; Richard Marggraf Turley, Professor of Engagement with the Public Imagination, Aberystwyth University, Wales. www.lenkaclayton.com www.wildpansypress.com

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  • Hexopolis


    By Katya Robin, Gallery 1, The Tetley, Leeds, 6th – 22nd March 2015 HEXOPOLIS is an on-going research and participatory art project led by Katya Robin about hexagons in public spaces. The collection seeks to identify hexagon motifs and the possibility of unifying themes. ‘Hexopolis’ is a term assembled by Robins from ancient Greek: HEX meaning 6 and OPOLIS meaning city-state, run by its citizens. And so, using the hexagon as a framework, the project considers urban living. Visitors to this exhibition are invited to contribute to the research by adding ideas

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