Ladette Space

Ladette Space is an experiment in making a gallery in your home and a home in your gallery. Ladette Space is a solution to a problem. Ladette Space is an invitation to our party. Ladette Space is open to suggestion. Ladette Space is an independent project space and publishing house based in a residential flat in South East London. Founded in 2014, we exhibit exciting and ambitious projects by emerging artists and produce small runs of artists’ publication. Our priority is supporting work that would not be considered financially viable by the commercial art world, and on working with artists who are underrepresented within he mainstream.
We are committed to the pursuit of artistic autonomy through DIY culture and affordability and accessibility is central to our publishing activity. Our aim is to create high quality, limited edition zines that cost lest than a pint of beer. Our publications are produced to accompany exhibitions at the space but also function as stand-alone collectable pieces which have been sold at the Arnolfini, the ICA and a range of independent publishing fairs.

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